[activating prefrontal cortex]

2019 Sep 14

Since last weekend, I’d been meaning to write here. I have a few ideas to write about—some of them I’ve even outlined and sketched diagrams for—but I haven’t actually gotten to writing anything. It’s bothered me all week.

While stuck in bed reading my phone Friday morning, a Hacker News comment caught my eye. Quoting user stevewodil:

If you’re having trouble getting out of bed, you can try using the 5 second rule to break your brain’s patterns and activate the prefrontal cortex. Basically you count down from 5 out loud (saying the numbers aloud is important) and at 1 you just jump out of that damn bed like NASA launching a rocket.

Not too convincing, but I had to get up, and felt trapped in a very familiar check Twitter-HackerNews-Lobsters-Fangraphs morning cycle of avoidance. It probably couldn’t hurt to try to “break my brain’s patterns” this way.

It turns out that, after a deliberate, five second countdown, out loud, I did indeed simply rocket out of bed. The trick seemed to work on me.

I thought that maybe a similar trick could work to break the brain pattern that’s making me avoid writing: count down from five and make a post. Post anything, just to unblock the process. So here comes a math’s1 shitpost.

When it comes to skateboarding brand Supreme, with the poor quality of their products, if you ask me, they should call it, Infime.

Thank you.

  1. mathematics, as bo’s’n is to boatswain ↩︎